Day: May 8, 2023

Altus Malaysia

Altus Malaysia: Providing Innovative Aviation Solutions for Malaysians

Altus Malaysia is a subsidiary of Altus Group, a leading global aviation company that provides a range of integrated solutions for the aviation industry. Altus Malaysia offers a range of services, including aircraft management, leasing, and maintenance, as well as ground handling services. In this article, we will explore the advantages and benefits of Altus Malaysia for Malaysians.

Altus Malaysia
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Advantages of Altus Malaysia

One of the main advantages of Altus Malaysia is its extensive network of partners and affiliates. Altus Malaysia has partnerships with a range of leading aviation companies, including airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and maintenance providers. This extensive network allows Altus Malaysia to provide its customers with a wide range of options and solutions, ensuring that their aviation needs are fully met.

Another advantage of Altus Malaysia is its commitment to safety and quality. Altus Malaysia has a rigorous safety and quality management system in place, ensuring that all aircraft are maintained to the highest standards and that all operations are conducted in accordance with international safety standards. This commitment to safety and quality provides peace of mind for customers, knowing that they are in good hands.

Benefits of Altus Malaysia

One of the main benefits of Altus Malaysia for Malaysians is its aircraft leasing services. Altus Malaysia offers a range of aircraft leasing options, from short-term leases to long-term leases. This flexibility means that customers can choose the leasing option that best suits their needs and budget. Leasing an aircraft from Altus Malaysia also provides customers with access to the latest aircraft models, ensuring that they are always flying in the latest and safest aircraft.

Another benefit of Altus Malaysia for Malaysians is its aircraft maintenance services. Altus Malaysia has a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers who can provide maintenance services for a range of aircraft types. This means that customers can have their aircraft maintained by experts, ensuring that their aircraft is always in top condition and safe to fly.

Why choose Altus Malaysia?

There are several reasons why Malaysians should choose Altus Malaysia for their aviation needs. Firstly, Altus Malaysia offers an extensive network of partners and affiliates, ensuring that customers have access to a wide range of options and solutions. Secondly, Altus Malaysia has a strong commitment to safety and quality, providing peace of mind for customers. Finally, Altus Malaysia offers flexible leasing options and high-quality maintenance services, ensuring that customers can enjoy a safe and comfortable flying experience.

Altus Malaysia


Altus Malaysia is a leading provider of innovative aviation solutions for Malaysians. Whether you are looking for aircraft management, leasing, or maintenance services, Altus Malaysia has the expertise and experience to provide a comprehensive solution. With a commitment to safety and quality, flexible leasing options, and high-quality maintenance services, Altus Malaysia is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a safe and reliable aviation partner.…