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Aspects Of Your Home That Will Affect Your Mood

One thing that not a lot of people know is that everything about your home affects how you feel. Our home is the place where we go back to at the end of the day to relax and wind down. Thus, of course, it has to be a place that allows us to feel relaxed and comfortable, not stressed and agitated. In order to achieve that, we have to put a little bit of effort into every aspect of our homes to make them more livable for us. Now, remember that what your house looks like should make you feel comfortable, not other people. Or in other words, you can get a second opinion if you really need one but, in the end, you’ll be the one living there. So, make the decisions that’d make you happier. Thus, here are the aspects of your home that affect how you feel and how to make yourself feel better:


Colour plays a big role in affecting someone’s mood. This is because certain colours light up certain parts of our brain. That’s why you’d see an office paint their walls beige or cream so that employees may focus better instead of having the walls be bright pink or red. A colour like red would be very alarming for some. And they can’t paint them white either because that’s too much like the interior of a hospital. Also, side tip, the way buildings like those end up having great walls is partly because of the consistency of the paint that is used. A lot of the people in charge of those use antifoaming agent Malaysia so that their paint covers well and stays on better. For a relaxing or cool tone to add to your house, try colours like baby blue or mint green, you might just like it. 


The interior of your home is where you’ll be most of the time so, of course, it has to fit your standards and be comfortable for you. For instance, making your interior somewhat monotonous with your wall colours might help. Maybe decorate your home with different shades of grey. Make sure to choose colours that go well together and complement each other instead of colours that clash. Other than that, try to minimalize things like furniture or decor so that your interior would not look too cluttered. Having a cleaner and less messy place can help people relax better after a long day.


The first thing you would see after coming home from a long day is the outside of your house. If this part is not properly handled, then not only will you feel bad when you see it but your neighbours will also be a little judgemental for you but hey, we can’t really do anything about that one. People always have something to say.


As for the landscape of your home, this is totally up to you on whether you want your house to look welcoming or not (yes, some people prefer it that way). If you want, you could have a few potted plants or plant some teenage trees so that they can grow over the time you’ll live there. This way, there would also be a reason for you to step out and help. …

Benefits Of Automation Usage In Industry

In this era of technological, automation has been used in many industries such as construction, production, commerce and many more. An automation system is used to control many different types of systems that are for operating work such as factories industrial processes, machine systems, manufacturing, and other operating works. This has made heavy work for humans become much easier with the help of automation. If you are looking for automation products, you can check out Factory automation products Malaysia. Therefore, the automation systems have brought many benefits to the economic sector of the country. Let’s take a look at the benefits that it brings to humans.

These are the benefits of automation usage in the industry.

  1. Can reduce the costs for operational workers

With the existence of automation, less manpower is needed to do the operational work because robots can work with more efficiency. Not only that, it is shown that one robot can carry out the work of 2 to 3 people based on the task given. This means that with the usage of automation, fewer human labor is needed to do the work and much fewer labor costs are needed to pay. In a roundabout way, it is also much more profitable for the employer because they can cut so much cost on the manpower to do the work.

  1. Have better safety for the workers

Working in an environment that is exposed to many dangerous hazards such as construction site, factories, and many more are very risky for the workers. There are several tasks or works that are might be very dangerous for labor workers to do. They might get caught in an accident that might harm them during the work. Because of this reason, robots are used to replace the human to do dangerous work which is safer for them. By this, the safety of the workers can be ensured and any casualties in the worksite can be avoided with the assistance of automation. 

  1. Improve productivity and efficiency

For the best outcome and profit for the industry, the workers need to be more productive and efficient when working. Because human workers have their limit when working, to achieve the maximum quality of the product might a bit hard. Since human has their limit, we can use automation in the industry to improve the productivity and the efficiency in order to achieve the maximum performance so that, the outcome will be outstanding. This is because automation such as robots are more productive because they cannot get tired when working. They can do the tasks or work without rest or stop. Plus, they also are more efficient in working to produce the best quality of the products. 

In conclusion, automation has brought many different benefits to humans especially in the industrial sector. We can see that automation has made it easy for us to do what we are not capable to do. It is good to take advantage of the technological advancement that we have today and use it to improve our productivity or efficiency in our daily life. 

If you’re interested in reading more about how to have a fit body, click here.…

The Things You Can Enjoy Right Now

The Things You Can Enjoy Right Now

It is so boring, especially now we are all stuck at home. Some people are going through a bit harder than other people regarding mental pressure, working pressure, online class pressure, and living with family pressure. Thus, it is very important how we take care of ourselves at home because it is one of the things we can possibly do for ourselves. Taking care of ourselves can sometimes be a bit hard especially if we are in a bad situation, so there are times where we would feel like we do not want to eat or shower, and it affects us so much. So I am going to list out some of the things we can enjoy currently at home.

The first thing we can enjoy being at home is the amount of time we have extra for not being able to go out. In this time we can simply take our own time and pace to do the things we want such as showering, eating, watching the television, sleeping, and working out. Of course, I could not say it for working stuff and assignments because obviously, those things have deadlines, so for that, you can only keep up. But at the same time, you can use those extra time to study and finish up your pending work and assignments.

Secondly, you can also enjoy being around your loved ones. trusted broker forex got to stay at home without anyone around, and they could not travel to be with their loved ones. Meanwhile, you get to enjoy the time eating, making jokes, and watching Netflix with your parents and siblings, and you still choose to complain and rather stay in the room all the time. But I am not just talking about family. Loved ones do not necessarily mean family, it can also be your housemates. This is the time for you to get closer to them if you are not, this is the time to talk and get to know each other. Simply because we do not know what each and everyone is going through and knowing you have each other’s back is good enough to let them know that someone is there for them.

Last and as important would be all the privileges you have around you. If you have cameras and laptops, this is the time to explore new skills and do the things that you have been wanting to learn. There are many online tutorials nowadays that you can literally find on the Internet. You can learn to do designing, illustrations, or creating content. If you do not have all those things, I am sure you would at least have a laptop, there are many types of games you can play online such as League of Legends. If you are into investment and trading, you can join Forex Trading in Malaysia, you can earn money during this boring time of yours.

Nonetheless, we all have different kinds of blessings that have been given to us, and it is up to us to take the responsibility and appreciate it, or we could just leave it there and continue complaining about how miserable our life is.

Buying your first PC

Buying your first PC

A lot of people love to play video games. It can be on any platform such as on PC, mobile, or console. But most of the video games release on Pc. When we talk about PCs, there are two ways you can own them, which is either you build it with your own preferences or just buy a complete one. We can skip buying a complete one because you do not have to worry about it at all but when we talk about building your own rig or on the other name customizing your own Pc, you need to do some things because if you won’t, you will end up regretting it in the future. Before we dig deeper into this matter, you might be interested in Time fibre internet for your internet connection at home. Back to our topic. There two things you need to consider before buying your first pc. First and foremost is your budget for it and the second one is for that purpose you are buying the Pc. Those two will determine the other things when you customize your own Pc.

The processor
The most crucial and important thing when you want to build your own pc. You do not want to regret it later in the future. There are a lot of processors out there. For now, there are only two brands that monopoly the processors market which are intel and AMD. when choosing a processor, you need to look at its base speed. The base speed will determine how fast it will be working later. The higher the base speed for one processor, the better the performance it will be. The second thing you need to look for is how much its core and threads. Those two things also will determine how much workload it can handle. As Time 500mbps , the higher the core and threads quantity, it will be working much better.

The hard drive or the hard disk
This is the second thing you need to take note of. There are plenty of hard drives out there. You can choose from the fastest NVme SSD hard drive for your pc to the normal ordinary HDD hard drive. The thing is you can be using two or more hard drives on your pc depending on the slot on your motherboard. But here is the fact, you are recommended to use SSD for your boot system. It will make your pc run faster and smoother and you can use the HDD hard drive to store all of your work and games on it. But if you have more money, you can spend more on bigger storage for SSD because SSD has a higher price than HDD hard drive.

Last but not least, there are other things you need to consider when buying or customizing your first pc. You just need to make sure you choose the right components and hardware because you do not want to regret it later in the future.

Auto Draft

Investing has always been something that everyone should look forward to. Investment helps you take over your financial stability, savings. It also helps you to increase your assets but also creates an extra stream of income before retirement if appropriate. Not doing investment means that your working life would become much older compared to those who do investment in their early age.

There are lots of tools and devices to invest your money. One of the most famous one is in the forex market. What is the forex market? The Forex market is where all the currencies in the world are being exchanged. It is said that the forex market is even bigger than the stock market. Sounds promising right? But you have to be careful when you want to enter the forex market. For trusted forex broker Malaysia , if you are a Malaysian, always use the best forex broker in Malaysia, never use a broker that does not have any credential to their name.

So, why should anyone enter into the forex market at all? The first reason is because the forex market is one of the biggest markets in the world. In terms of daily trading volumes in the world, the forex markets give the largest amount of liquidity. This makes it possible for a limited period in most market conditions to enter and exit a position in any major currency within a fraction of a second.

The second great reason on why you should pick forex trading is the accessibility. You could start trading in the forex market with capital as little as 10 US Dollars. Not only from the capital perspective, forex market connectivity is also excellent since you can conveniently sign-up from your computer for your trading account. The majority of Forex retail brokers run online, you need only register, upload documents and make a deposit to your Forex trading account to start trading with Forex.

Also, one of the reasons that the forex market is huge is because of their communities. Social media are becoming more prevalent and famous each day and, since Forex is the biggest market in the world, Forex has the most trading platforms, commercial networks, and social media influence. This makes Forex the most social trading market, so you will experience a whole community of foresee traders. With the forex market has evolved for so many decades, a big and huge number of experts can easily be found in every language, participating, teaching, criticising and other community members.

In summary, the most important point that you should remember is that do not let your money sit purposelessly. In the modern world, our society has become much more evolved and so does the economic world. If you are still persistent about not doing any investment with your money, you would get left behind by a thing called inflation. With investing your money, you would reach your financial freedom faster and one of the best platforms to invest your money if not the best, is the forex market.

Fixing Your Broken iPhone Screen as Soon as Possible

Stressful of having broken phone screen

It sure is scary when you get into that careless moment of dropping your iPhone to the ground.  Everyone knows how easily it gets broken. This is why many iPhone users tend to buy shockproof and other iPhone accessories just to prevent it from happening 

Most iPhone users would bring it to the closes iStore they could find. Yes, the work is amazing. The results are unbelievable, but we all know that it can cause a fortune as well. But, we know a way that can help you fix that screen of yours that would not leave a hole in your pocket. 

But before you do acquire such service, learn the different benefits of getting your screen fixed as soon as possible.

What to do when screen is broken

It’s not going to give you stress. Let’s admit it. A broken phone screen is probably one of the worst things that could to anyone’s phone. It annoys one so much. You cannot see clearly, you cannot appreciate what you view on your phone as much, since the broken screen is blocking all the beauty. It’s as fun to use as before anymore. You cannot check your photos clearly. You have to rotate the screen to be able to see things. Broken screen just gives its owner so much hassle.

A broken screen if not fixed immediately, can go from worse to worst. If you keep on using it even if the screen is broken, you’ll surely are heading to even worse condition. In some case, black marks on your screen will start to appear. It can also reach to the point where the screen can no longer be touched. This is one of the reasons why it should be fixed as soon as possible.

You don’t have to go to the iStore. There are a lot of trustworthy phone repair companies in Malaysia, that offers an excellent service when it comes to iPhone screen replacement services. Once the work is done, you’ll surely feel like you just got a new phone. But before you do acquire a service from phone repair companies, just make sure that you do a little research about them, to prevent any regrets or whatsoever. You want to know how long they’ve been on the business. You want to know if they are a legit company providing reliable work. You want to know the different reviews they got from their past customers. These sort of things can greatly help you in determining whether they are the right choice or not. You don’t want to end up regretting. Therefore it is important to make sure that you go the right people to do the work. Guaranteed, you’ll feel at peace once you know you’re in good hands. 

So make sure to acquire such service now, and get rid of all the stress and hassle that a broken screen brings you. 

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The Best Places to Buy a Property in Malaysia

Where To Buy a Property in Malaysia

Do you plan to buy a property in Malaysia? This country is now one of the busiest and most favored by tourists. Thus, if this property you are planning to buy is for business, you might want to know about the best places to buy a property in this country. 

Bangsar South

At Bangsar, you will find different types of properties like residential, condos, apartments and so on. You can easily find a lot of options online as well, so even when you are still in your place like if you happen to be a tourist only, you can already view and decide what type of property to buy. And in case you want to be informed if there are new listings, you can also do that and they will email you the information. This place is a haven for those who are planning to settle here. 

Subang Jaya

In Subang Jaya, you will also find beautiful options when it comes to properties. You might even find your dream property in this place where settling down is also a good decision. This place is also one of the most visited with the number of caves that are worth exploring. For sure, if you plan to use your property for business, you will find good deals here.

Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu is another place where settling is a great idea. This is a planned community and if you are looking for something peaceful, you will surely find this place perfect. When it comes to the properties, they have a number of them for you to choose from and most of them are posted online.

Malaysia is without a doubt, your next best place to settle aside from your motherland. This might be your next favorite place once you will find your dream property. …

How to Finish School with Flying Colors

How To Excel In School

Each one of us must make a decision of going to school and finish it up and get your hands on that amazing diploma, or just staying at home or working at an early age with a job salary that can barely afford anything. For some they’d be able to make the choice of attending school, while others need to take a different lane instead. If you’re one of the lucky few who gets to attend school, then make sure you treat that opportunity as something valuable. Not everyone gets the same chance as you. So, you better not waste the chance. You must be able to perform well in school and be on top. We know just the right way for you to get there.

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Read the whole article up for we have some tips you could use to finish school with flying colors.

Tips To Pass School With Flying Colors

  • Stay as organize as possible. We all know how excited one could get for the upcoming school year. Most students would promise themselves that it is going to be a whole new year for them. It is the time that they’ll change, stay organize for the rest of the year, past everything on time, and listen to the lessons truly. But we all know how this goes. One would be like this but only lasts for a week or a month, and then everything’s back to normal. Don’t be this kind of student. Make sure that you stay as organize as possible. Keep up with everything. Manage your time well. Make a to-do list. Keep things in your reminder notebook. If you want to be on top, being organize is one big factor.
  • If you’re having a hard time learning a certain subject, don’t hesitate or feel ashamed in asking help from your classmate that is performing well in that area. Keep in mind that each and every one of us has different strength and weaknesses. It is important to admit it to ourselves and just seek help. It would be easier to cope up with a problem when someone lends you a hand. If a fellow student is not able to help you, you can always go to your professors and ask advice on how to learn it better.
  • Do not skip the first week of class. Most students would do this thinking that the first week of class usually is just an orientation week. Orientation week are as important as any day of the class. This is where you get to know your school, your professors, the facility, and etc. It is important to know these like the back of your hand since you’ll be spending a lot of time in there. It will be your home for the next few years.

Watch this video for more tips!

So those are some of the things you could do to get better grades and have an amazing time in your journey of achieving a diploma. Just make sure that you will be able to pick a course that is relevant and catches your attention. For example, if you like restaurants and you possess some leadership skills, consider a diploma restaurant management. …

Why Internship Should Not Be Considered A Burden

Internships are something that should be taken seriously. University students are obliged to go through such process for them to graduate and get a diploma. Some people think that it’s just another burden considering graduating students already have so much in their table to deal with. What they don’t realize is that the school system is actually doing them a favour.

Internships can give them a ton of benefits, and here are just some of them:

First thing internships can do, is that it can open college students to bigger possibilities and opportunities. Most employers of today tend to hire college students who have gone through internships. It is because they know that these students would need less training and can handle bigger responsibilities compared to those who didn’t. Aside from that, some companies even offer work contracts to their interns once they find their performance excellent. Internships basically give students an edge.

Then, another benefit a student could get from internships is that it can help them make up their mind and feel more confident as they graduate. There is a ton of college students out there who are still not as sure of their courses as they should be. Once they get to experience what it’s like working in their respective fields in the future, it’d be easier for them to determine and decide if choosing such course really is the right path for them.

Another one they could get from going through such a process is being able to learn one’s strength and weaknesses. Internships test college students’ skills and knowledge. One would be able to figure out his/her strength and weaknesses through its supervisor’s feedback by the end of the internship period. This will help them improve their own skills through their own means. It basically prepares them better in facing their future professional jobs.

They could earn money from interning. Yes, this is correct. Companies offer a daily salary to their interns even if they are just temporary. We know that college is not cheap and it requires a great amount of money. The money they could earn from internships can be used to help fund their college tuitions. They could also use this for their allowances. There are just so many ways they could do to help themselves out financially through internship.

There are just so many benefits and advantages university college students could get from going through this process. It surely does make their future life. It would lessen the stress and hassle they’d have to go through just to get a job. Now all they have to worry about is to make sure they get in or passing the internship interview they’d have to go through to be able to intern in the different companies and institution they actually want.

College students must be prepared for this kind of stuff since just like applying for a job, they could also get denied.

It would be best for them to show enthusiasm to make them seem more interesting. They should also be able to dress properly during the interview to show professionalism. They should be able to charm the employers not just with their skills but also with their personality as well. Rest assured that if they do so, they’d get in easily.

Kerija is one of the best platform to look for internship jobs. Having this in your resume will also give one an edge over others. They just need to make sure that they perform well during the internship to guarantee a spot. This would surely make the process of getting a job less stressful and hassle.

Make sure to make your resume stand out too! Check this video out:


Adakah Artis Asing Mempunyai Hartanah Sendiri di Malaysia?

Artikel di bawah menunjukkan penerangan ringkas mengenai pelbagai sebab mengapa warga asing digalakkan tinggal di Malaysia. Kami telah membuat keputusan untuk menulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris kerana orang asing yang merancang untuk tinggal di Malaysia mungkin tidak akan memahami bahasa Melayu. Saya harap artikel ini bermanfaat!

Are You A Foreigner Planning To Move To Malaysia?

There are many reasons why a foreigner should consider Malaysia as a place to invest to reside. Like most countries, Malaysia has its qualities. They are not continually flawless and can sometimes be a torment yet those of us who call this mudball home, we have come to get a handle on and love them. In this way, it’s useful for you to be made aware of a segment of these fun realities which makes Malaysia unique. For many individuals who live in a remote country, various pieces of the close-by culture seem, by all accounts, to be the anomalous, most ideal situation. This may appear to be stimulating from the beginning. The basic reason behind moving to another nation is after all as often as possible the longing to research outside social orders. 

Reason To Stay in Malaysia


Regardless, in the wake of living in an outside country for quite a while, apparently immaterial subtleties that you from the start saw as boggling may annoy you. You will recall how everything continued running on timetable back home, how clean your past principle habitation was, or the sum logically free and friendlier everyone showed up. 

Everybody who chooses to live in a remote country needs somewhere in the range of a chance to adapt to their new condition. In any case, to exploit your ex-pat experience, you need to break out of your pleasant little spread at some point or another and endeavour to submerge yourself in the local culture. In case you let go of false impressions and speculations, by then you have quite recently made the essential critical walk. Living in a remote country would then have the option to transform into a truly extraordinary foundation. 

It isn’t as basic as it seems to change as per life abroad. The route toward gaining the ground from living like an ex-pat to a logical neighbourhood lifestyle requires some speculation. Culture shock is a basic piece of living abroad and hits us at last. The trick isn’t to allow it to improve you. Everything thought of it as saves some exertion for each general voyager and ex-pats to wind up acclimated with their new condition. While living in an outside country sounds invigorating and nostalgic, it has a catch. Exactly when ex-pats track on new ground, they will by and large stick to what is ordinary. Along these lines, various outcasts never roll out the improvement from ex-pat to compatriot. Everything considered, transforming into a bit of the close-by culture is probably the hardest bit of life abroad. 

It is tempting to share your experiences of living in an outside country exclusively with various ex-pats. Nobody else will grasp your postponement to endeavour the close by sustenance, your issues with adjusting to the pace of life and your inward clash towards social conventions similarly as the people who are in nearly a similar circumstance.

If Kuala Lumpur were an individual, it would not get adequate rest. In the day, it is brimming with vitality from assuming the job of the capital city of a nation that is famous as a social mixture between the various races living in Malaysia. While Malaysia’s fundamental religion might be Muslim, the other portion of the populace involves Chinese, Indians, Christians, Sikhs and different other ethnic gatherings.  The best properties to live in Kuala Lumpur area are G ResidenSeni Mont Kiara and Pantai HillPark.

Along these lines, bringing forth numerous mixed exercises over the range of occasions, nourishment, and craftsmanship. Something is happening each other end of the week incorporating RIUH in the city spring up a bazaar, shows like the forthcoming SneakerLAH, just as various well-known yearly occasions including the Cooler Lumpur Festival, KL Fashion Week, Urbanscapes fest and Art Expo (AEM).

KL additionally takes on another life in the night. The city keeps humming path past a great many people’s sleep time with 24-hour eateries, clubs, bars and night markets – right till the early morning.

Stands to state that like most South-East Asian nations, Malaysia offers a flat-out buffet of nourishment decisions at all value levels. If you are going on a financial limit, Malaysia is an outright road nourishment shelter with numerous vendors focuses and nourishment courts all over giving an abundance of choices – from Malay to Chinese, Indian, Western and even combination passage. If you are a daring eater, this is most likely the most ideal approach to test genuine Malaysian nourishment.

So, if you favour something progressively upscale, Malaysia likewise offers an excess of choices inside the mid-run evaluated bistros, different mainstream worldwide evolved ways of life, stylish hotpot outlets, just as a better than average measure of high-end food choices as well. Nourishment is commonly moderate for most foods, yet it isn’t exactly the situation for liquor. If you are hoping to appreciate a night out drinking, be set up to compensation a pretty penny.

The other thing you will rapidly discover is that Malaysians eat nonstop. Indeed, it is presumably not fitting but rather what’s one to do …

Julia Ziegler Mabuk Dan Bersikap Kurang Sopan Di Kota Sydney?

Julia Ziegler Mabuk Dan Bersikap Kurang Sopan Di Kota Sydney?

Kecoh baru-baru ini tentang seorang pelakon wanita berdarah kacukan telah mabuk di tengah tengah kota Sydney dan menunjukkan perangai kurang sopan dikhalayak ramai. Siapakah pelakon itu?

Dengar-dengar ia merupakan Julia Ziegler. Betul ke?

Khabar buruk ini terpalit sekali dek kerana beliau baru baru terbang ke Sydney, Australia untuk menjalani satu penggambaran dan kebetulan, semua tahu beliau berdarah kacukan.

Julia agak terkejut dengan kenyataan ini dan berkata dalam satu laporan akhbar, “Eh, mana ada! Mengarut saja. Jangan percaya mereka (penyampai). Memanglah saya ni jenis yang gila-gila, tapi tak adalah sampai terjerit dan mabuk macam itu. Orang buat cerita ini”

“Siapa yang mengadu, siapa yang bercakap? Terkejutlah saya. Siapalah yang buat lawak bodoh macam ini!.”

Hah, kalau tuan empunya badan sudah berkata begitu, janganlah kita berfikir yang bukan-bukan. Kita tunggu saja siapa sebenarnya pelakon berdarah kacukan itu. Nanti pasti akan pecah tembelang walau disorok sedalam mana sekali pun.…

Yuna Berkolaborasi Dengan Owl City Untuk OST Filem Animasi The Croods

Yuna Berkolaborasi Dengan Owl City Untuk OST Filem Animasi The Croods

Yuna Berkolaborasi Dengan Owl City Untuk OST Filem Animasi The Croods – Nampak gayanya semakin bersinar kerjaya Yunaliz Zarai dalam bidang nyayian yang kini sedang bertapak di bumi Amerika Syarika. Terbaru di khabarkan pelantun Terukir Di Bintang ini berkolaborasi dengan bukan calang-calang iaitu Owl City.

Yuna Berkolaborasi Dengan Owl City Untuk OST Filem Animasi The Croods

Sebelum ini dimaklumkan lagu Yuna sudah beberapa kali  digunakan oleh produksi Hollywood dan terbaru beliau dipilih untuk bekerjasama dengan Owl City untuk sebuah runut bunyi filem animasi, The Croods.

Owl City pernah menyumbangkan karya beliau untuk dua filem animasi berskala besar sebelum ini iaitu Legend Of The Guardians dan Wreck-It Ralph, kali ini tampil dengan Shine Your Way.

Beberapa media Hollywood menyebut yang lagu bersama Yuna ini lebih menarik dan catchy manakala temponya berbanding duet Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen melalui lagu Good Time yang hits sebelum ini.

Gambar Erin Malek Dan Keluarga Bercuti Ke Brisbane, Australia

Gambar Erin Malek Dan Keluarga Bercuti Ke Brisbane, Australia

Gambar Erin Malek Dan Keluarga Bercuti Ke Brisbane, Australia  – Nampak gayanya, musim cuti perayaan ini, ramai selebriti yang mengambil kesempatan untuk terbang ke luar negara untuk bercuti bersama keluarga tercinta.

Difahamkan pelakon yang semakin menempa nama didalam dunia lakonan, Erin Malek juga turut bercuti ke Brisbane, Australia bagi meluangkan masa bersama keluarganya.

Khabarnya, Erin berada di sana selama seminggu dan telah pulang ke tanah air pada 15 Ogos lalu.

Menerusi gambar di atas ramai yang menyatakn ibu aktress ini kelihatan seperti adik-beradik dan ada yang memuji kecantikan yang dimiliki oleh ibu Erin.

Dibawah kami kongsikan beberapa keping lagi foto Erin dan keluarga bercuti ke Brisbane, Australia. Enjoice.

Hans Isaac Rancang Kahwin Hujung Tahun Ini

Hans Isaac Rancang Kahwin Hujung Tahun Ini

Hans Isaac Rancang Kahwin Hujung Tahun Ini – “Siapa yang tak mahu kahwin. Saya juga mahu berkahwin tetapi saya perlukan masa yang lebih untuk mencari miss right saya yang sebenarnya.”

Hans Isaac Rancang Kahwin Hujung Tahun Ini

Itulah penjelasan penerbit dan aktor Cuci The Musical, Hans Isaac apabila diajukan persoalan mengenai bilakah beliau akan menamatkan zaman solonya.

Menurut Hans, setelah beberapa kali gagal dalam percintaan sebelum ini beliau sedikit sebanyak mengakui perkara yang terjadi itu menyebabkan beliau terlalu berhati-hati dalam memilih pasangan pada masa ini.

“Segala kisah kegagalan cinta yang lalu adalah guru terbaik buat saya dalam menilai cinta hari ini serta mengajar dan mematangkan diri.:

“Saya sudah penat bercinta dan berkawan, kalau boleh saya ingin terus mencari wanita yang sesuai dan terus berkahwin,” ujar Hans.

Tambah penerbit ini, beliau merancang untuk menamatkan zaman bujangnya pada hujung tahun ini atau setidak-tidaknya pada pertengahan tahun depan.

“Itu adalah target saya dan berharap apa yang di rancang terlaksana.”

Hans turut mengulas mengenai hubungan beliau dengan pelakon yang semakin meningkat naik namanya, Neelofa adalah sebagai teman rapat.

Perkembangan terbaru, Hans bakal muncul dengan filem terbaru terbitan syarikatnya Tall Order Production (TOP), Lawak Ker Der 2 pada 7 Mac ini.

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Engku Emran Pujuk Erra Fazira Kembali, Erra Minta Hormat Privasi

Engku Emran Pujuk Erra Fazira Kembali, Erra Minta Hormat Privasi

Agak sedih jugalah bila memikirkan tentang penceraian Erra Fazira dan Engku Emran. Tambahan dengan anak mereka, Engku Aleesya yang seolah-olah mengharapkan ibunya kembali ke pangkuan ayahnya. Disebabkan itu, Engku Emran bersama usaha untuk memenangi semula hati isterinya telah menulis caption menggunakan  gambar Engku Aleesya yang sedang memakai baju T bertulis #prayformomandayah :

Engku Emran Pujuk Erra Fazira Kembali

Salam ALL…ok this wil be my last pix for tday and id like to dedicate this posting to ALL of u who hv doa-ed fr the best for this innocent girl’s parents…tq fr giving me the idea to create the hashtag on her baju…we were in KLCC last nite to look fr a place that can do as such but failed…but Alhamdulillah tday Aleesya n I managed to find a shop that wud do it…

last nite Aleesya n I had an intimate chat again…i asked her if she wud help me win back Mom…and she replied YES!!! wtout hesitating followed by a looooong giggle…Aleesya only giggles when shes v excited????…im not ashamed to show that i stil hv strong n steep feelings fr SA simply bcoz SA n i know we r not at fault fr what happened on 18/2…like sum of u commented tday i need to make the first move…

fyi i hv done so 3 days ago when i texted SA expressing my undying feelings fr her…yes i hv always been the CHASER n i like it that way…coz thats the nature of human being…im not prepared to share what actually happened thru out our marriage bcoz its really2 personal…but i really do hope n need ALL ur prayers n doa yg terbaik fr the 3 of us…Aleesya is 50% of me…and the other 50% of Ayah is wt Mom…hence pls #prayformomandayah as Aleesya’s tshirt reads…Wsalam.

Nampaknya demi Aleesya, Engku Emran yang masih jelas sayangkan Erra Fazira telah menebalkan muka untuk memujuk isterinya itu secara terbuka di internet. Namun, ianya telah membuatkan Erra Fazira terkejut dan meminta bekas suaminya itu menghormati privasinya.

“Tolong hormati privasi saya. Tiada ibu bapa yang tidak mahu membahagiakan anak. Tanggungjawab dan amanah (menjaga anak) tetap dikendong. Jangan desak saya,” kata Erra dalam kenyataan akhbar hari ini.

Menjawab komen dan respon positif yang diberi peminat yang nampaknya turut menyokong tindakan Engku Emran, “Satu Malaysia boleh berdoa tetapi Allah lebih mengetahui. Saya mohon sangat-sangat, saya tahu apa yang saya lalui. Tolonglah hormati privasi saya dan doakan saja yang terbaik.”

Hmmm, kalau ikutkan, memanglah elok kalau mereka ini berbaik. Namun, bak kata Erra, hanya Tuhan dan mereka saja yang tahu apa yang mereka lalui. Jadi, kami doakan semoga mereka berdua membuat keputusan yang baik bukan saja untuk diri sendiri, tapi juga untuk anak mereka, Aleesya.…

Bekas Tunang Wan Sakinah Dakwa Ashraf Muslim Punca Pertunangan Mereka Putus

Bekas Tunang Wan Sakinah Dakwa Ashraf Muslim Punca Pertunangan Mereka Putus

Bekas Tunang Wan Sakinah Dakwa Ashraf Muslim Punca Pertunangan Mereka Putus – Ya, memang kali ini kami masih bercerita mengenai konflik Ashraf Muslim. Apa yang lebih mengejutkan, seorang lelaki tampil menerusi rancangan Melodi TV3 pada hari semalam mendakwa pertunangannya putus angkara Ashraf Muslim yang menjalinkan hubungan dengan tunangnya itu.

Bekas Tunang Wan Sakinah Dakwa Ashraf Muslim Punca Pertunangan Mereka Putus

Lelaki yang tidak dinyatakan namanya mengakui pernah bertunang dengan Wan Sakinah Ahmad Saburi yang kini sah menjadi isteri kedua Ashraf.

Menurut beliau, hubungan Ashraf dengan Sakinah sudah berjalan sewaktu pelakon itu masih bergelar tunang kepada Dayana lagi dan bukannya baru bermula sejak sembilan bulan selepas Ashraf berkahwin.

Jelasnya lagi, pada ketika Ashraf dan Dayana bertunang pada masa yang sama dia dan Sakinah masih dalam ikatan pertunangan.

“Pertunangan saya dan Sakinah terputus 25 hari sebelum kami melangsungkan perkahwinan dan pada masa itu saya memang frust, kerana saya sudah hampir berkahwin.

“Saya tidak boleh menafikan yang pertunangan kami terputus kerana Sakinah ada hubungan dengan Ashraf Muslim.

“Alhamdulillah, apa yang Ashraf Muslim nafikan sebelum ini akhirnya terbongkar. Apa yang pernah saya suarakan sebelum ini dipersoalkan oleh orang luar sama ada saya memfitnah, tapi sekarang sudah terbukti,” ujar lelaki tersebut menerusi Melodi.

Dalam pada itu, dia turut menyatakan bahawa beliau pernah menyatakan bekas tunangnya itu menjalinkan hubungan dengan Ashraf namun tidak dipercayai orang kerana mereka menganggap Ashraf seperti ustaz.

Beliau turut mendoakan kebahagian buat Ashraf dan bekas tunangnya. Selain itu, dia juga berharap agar Ashraf berterus terang kepada pihak media dan orang ramai kerana tidak salah berpoligami.…

Aaron Aziz Pernah Berlakon Dan Menari Dalam Siri ‘Cinta Bollywood’

Aaron Aziz Pernah Berlakon Dan Menari Dalam Siri ‘Cinta Bollywood’

Bukan selalu kita dapat mengimbau semula awal-awal pembabitan selebriti yang kelihatan jauh dari apa mereka kelihatan sekarang. Baru-baru ini, video lama yang merupakan video lakonan awal Aaron Aziz telah didedahkan di YouTube. Ia merupakan tayangan di Singapura dan menunjukkan Aaron Aziz yang kelihatan amat muda.

Video ini adalah merupakan sedutan dari drama ‘Cinta Bollywood’ menunjukkan Aaron membuat tarian Bollywood dan kelihatan agak keras pergerakannya. Agak kelakar jugalah bila dilihat. Tengok di sini :

Drama ini khabarnya telah membantu menaikkan nama Aaron Aziz tetapi juga memberi peluang kepada dia untuk membawa pulang anugerah Best Male Actor in Supporting Role dalam (Pelakon Pembantu Lelaki Terbaik) dalam Anugerah Pesta Perdana 2002.

Pada sekitar 2004-2005 barulah Aaron Aziz berpeluang berlakon dalam drama terbitan Malaysia sehingga ada tawaran demi tawaran yang diterimanya dari syarikat produksi di Malaysia.

Aaron memang mula dari bawahkan?

Sekarang lihatlah kejayaan beliau. Mungkin ini boleh memberi inspirasi sedikit sebanyak kepada pelakon-pelakon baru. Kalau anda mahu saksikan siri ini, bolehlah cari di YouTube.…

Senarai Pemenang Anugerah Planet Muzik 2014 (APM2014)

Senarai Pemenang Anugerah Planet Muzik 2014 (APM2014)

Tahniah buat pemenang Anugerah Planet Muzik APM 2014 terutamanya wakil dari Malaysia yang berjaya membanggakan negara. Dato Siti Nurhaliza, Wings dan Fynn Jamal adalah antara nama-nama yang berjaya merangkul anugerah masing-masing.

Acara itu dihoskan oleh Dyn Norahim, Nabil Ahmad dan Sarah Sechan dihadapan 3,500 penonton.

Penganjuran anugerah gemilang itu dianjurkan sejak 2001 bagi mengiktiraf bakat industri muzik Melayu dari tiga negara, Malaysia, Singapura dan Indonesia dengan 19 kategori dipertandingkan.

Berikut adalah senarai pemenang :

Pemenang Anugerah Planet Muzik APM 2014

Artis Baru Terbaik (Lelaki)

Tulus – artis terbaru dari Indonesia

Artis Baru Terbaik (Wanita)

Fynn Jamal

Nova Media Sosial

Khareez Kasbulah

Ikon Media Sosial

Taufik Batisah

Artis Paling Popular (Singapura)

Taufik Batisah

Lagu Paling Popular (Singapura)

Ikrar Kasih – Taufiq Batisah

Lagu Paling Popular APM

Dia Dia Dia – Fatin Shidqia Lubis

Artis Paling Popular (APM)


Band Terbaik


Kolaborasi Terbaik (Artis)

Kalau aku kaya- Awi Rafael Dan Altimet

Kolaborasi Terbaik (Lagu)

Mimpi – Aisyah Aziz

Artis Terbaik (Lelaki)


Artis Terbaik (Wanita)

Datuk Siti Nurhaliza

Duo / Kumpulan Terbaik APM 2014

Hafiz dan Rossa

Lagu Terbaik Singapura

Tiada Pengganti – Sufie Rashid

Lagu Terbaik Malaysia

Lebih Indah – Datuk Siti Nurhaliza

Lagu Terbaik Indonesia

Setelah Kau Tiada – Cakra Khan

Lagu Terbaik APM

Setelah Kau Tiada – Cakra Khan

Anugerah Khas Planet Muzik


Foto Majlis Akikah Anak Linda Rafar & Syed Aiman

Foto Majlis Akikah Anak Linda Rafar & Syed Aiman

BEKAS anggota kumpulan Elite, Linda Rafar dan suami, Syed Aiman hari ini mengadakan majlis akikah buat anak ketiga pasangan tersebut, Syed Rizaliif Syed Kamaruzaman.

Majlis bertemakan warna hijau itu dihadiri sanak saudara dan rakan terdekat pasangan selebriti terbabit.

Syed Rizaliif dilahirkan secara pembedahan pada 8 April di Hospital Gleneagles, Ampang.

Linda dan Aiman mempunyai dua lagi cahaya mata lelaki, Syed Rezaqiib, 8, dan Syed Rezariiq, 5. – MYNEWSHUB.CC

Sharnaaz Ahmad Merajuk Dengan Shila Amzah, Lepas Geram Di Laman Twitter?

Sharnaaz Ahmad Merajuk Dengan Shila Amzah, Lepas Geram Di Laman Twitter?

Sharnaaz Ahmad Merajuk Dengan Shila Amzah, Lepas Geram Di Laman Twitter? – Kami tidak pasti berapa ramai antara anda yang perasan, namun Shila Amzah ada katakan sesuatu pada minit ke 145 Anugerah Planet Muzik 2012 yang berlangsung hujung minggu lalu.

Sharnaaz Ahmad Merajuk Dengan Shila Amzah, Lepas Geram Di Laman Twitter?

“Saya lupa nak cakap terima kasih pada cinta hati saya, dia merajuk sebab saya nyanyi dengan Taufik Batisah tadi sebenarnya. Saya tak tahu mana dia pergi.” ujar Shila Amzah.

Kenyataan itu di’buat sebelum beliau menyampaikan anugerah Lagu Terbaik & kami ingatkan Shila Amzah sekadar bergurau sehinggalah terbaca respons Sharnaaz Ahmad di Twitter.

Seorang peminat di forum Cari melampirkan screenshot tulisan Sharnaaz Ahmad yang tidak berpuashati dengan Taufik Batisah dan kemungkinan juga terhadap Shila Amzah.

Sharnaaz Ahmad Merajuk Dengan Shila Amzah, Lepas Geram Di Laman Twitter?
Sharnaaz Ahmad Merajuk Dengan Shila Amzah, Lepas Geram Di Laman Twitter?

Ada dua kemungkinan dalam kes lepas geram Sharnaaz Ahmad kali ini, sama ada beliau memang cemburu dengan Taufik Batisah atau kurang senang dengan gurauan Shila Amzah.

Namun, Sharnaaz Ahmad telah pun memadam tulisan tersebut dan mendakwa seseorang telah menceroboh akaun Twitter beliau pada pagi semalam sekitar 6.30 pagi. Betul ke?


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